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Tree Trimming And Mulching

Tree Trimming And Mulching

The Mulch Works Landscaping Company provides services and the highest quality products on a wide variety of properties including, apartment complexes/ condos, business centers, homeowners associations, shopping centers, roadways and embankments, day cares, schools, and single family residences. Our state of the art equipment and over 15 years of experience offers a quality that is unparalleled.

In addition to traditional landscaping needs such as lawn care and garden maintenance, we offer services such as tree trimming and mulching. We have mulch in our name because no one around offers the variety and quality of mulching services in all of Illinois. Our variety of mulch includes: Nature's Blanket Premiere Playground Mulch, of superior quality and meeting ASTM standards. Clean of twigs and leaves, these compacts have the highest government safety rating. We also offer a hardwood mulch, distinctive in color and available in single, double and triple processed. Learn more about the rest of our mulch variety here.

We also offer a full range of tree services including tree trimming, stump grinding, and tree removal. Our experienced arborists can increase the beauty of your home landscaping and often make it safe from downing wires or even falling on your home in a major storm. We can handle any tree project, large or small, striving to provide prompt and quality services for full satisfaction.

Our number one priority is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers. No matter what the size or set up of the property, we offer a service specifically designed for it. We have individual services and packages of seasonal landscaping services to help you save money. Whether you are looking for a complete property make over or a weekly cut, The Mulch Works will make sure that we can handle every single one of your needs. Contact us today! 815-970-7447

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